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Understanding the Progress Bars

Year progress bar

The progress bar at the top of Availability indicates the number of weddings you have booked for the year compared to the goal number of bookings you entered for that year. The progress bar is there to help you keep track of how you are pacing towards the goal you set! As you book more weddings and add them to Availability, the progress bar will move.

Progress bars next to individual dates

The progress bars next to each individual date show you how many bookings you have for that specific date compared to the max number of weddings you can do a day.


Please remember, you are able to mark a date as Unavailable even before you hit your max number of weddings per day, and you can also keep a date as Available if you have already hit your max number of weddings per day but are able to accept more for a specific date. The Availability feature is customizable to your business!


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