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What is the “Flag As Inappropriate” link, and how does it work?


The “Flag As Inappropriate” link in the WeddingWire forums is a way for the Community to self-moderate, and to call moderator attention to a comment, post, or user.  All registered WeddingWire members are able to flag content by clicking on this link.  The flagging system should only be used if content violates the Community Guidelines, please do not flag content that you simply disagree with.  All flags are reviewed by the WeddingWire moderators.

What should I flag?


WeddingWire users can flag a comment, a post, or a user. Please only flag posts when the post itself, or the content within the post violates our Community Guidelines.  In general the Community Team would prefer to remove individual comments rather than take down entire threads.  However, if you think the entire post needs to be brought to the attention of the moderators, it is appropriate to flag the post.  You can flag a user’s profile if you believe that they are spam, a fake, or a duplicate account.

What happens if I flag something?


When you are logged into WeddingWire and flag something, a notification is sent to the forum moderators to review.  Only the moderators can see who flagged something.  WeddingWire does not send responses to flags, so if you have a specific question to ask, please email community@weddingwire.com directly.


In addition to choosing a reason for your flag, please use the notes section! The moderator may not always know why something was flagged, so the more information you can provide, the better.  It’s helpful to include an explanation, summary, or direction to a specific post violation (ex: “meme on page 2!”)  


Because the flagging system is a way for the Community to self-moderate, there are certain thresholds that trigger automatic action.  Three flags from different Community members will automatically hide a post or comment. From there the moderators will review the content, and can decide to stick with the Community’s decision or overturn the flags and reinstate the content.  Moderators will only reinstate the flagged content if it is clear that no Community Guidelines were violated.  

If a situation has escalated and needs immediate moderator intervention, please email community@weddingwire.com directly with a link to the thread and a brief explanation so that the Community Team can intervene as needed.   

How do I know if I’ve been flagged?


There are currently no automatic notifications if your profile, comment, or post has been flagged.  If you have violated the Community Guidelines, a member of the Community team will be in touch via email.  If you notice that one of your posts or comments has been flagged down and do not know why or believe it is in error, please email community@weddingwire.com with details.

What does all of the different messaging mean?


Content can be removed from the WeddingWire forums in three ways.


  •  “This post has been hidden by the author” means that the original poster decided to hide their post or comment.


  • “This post has been flagged by the WeddingWire Community and is now hidden.” The post/comment was flagged by three unique users and has been automatically taken down and sent for moderator review.


  • “This post has been flagged by WeddingWire due to a violation of the Community Guidelines and is now hidden.” This message indicates that direct moderator action was taken, with or without flags from the Community.
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