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How do I earn stars?

What are those stars under my name?

The stars under your avatar show how actively you contribute to the community.  You can earn up to 5 stars based on your participation.  


How do I earn stars?


You can earn stars by starting threads and posting comments.  Starting threads gives you slightly more credit than posting comments. Only non-hidden threads and comments are counted towards star credit.


5 Stars = Top 2% of forum users

4 Stars = Top 10% of forum users

3 Stars = Top 30% of forum users

2 Stars = Top 50% of forum users

1 Star = Lower 50% of forum users


What happens when I earn 5 stars?


Congrats!  We’ll send you a free t-shirt to recognize your new status, just fill out this form.  Also check out the sticky posts for a monthly 5 star contest you can enter to win a gift card and WeddingWire swag!



Q: Can moderators give or take away stars from themselves or other users?

A: Nope!  Not even the moderators can adjust the number of stars they or other users have.


Q: I’ve heard you can earn stars if a lot of people comment on your post, is this true?

A: No, stars are solely based on your direct contributions to the community, so only the comments you make and posts you start earn credit.


Q: I think I lost stars, is that possible?

A: Yes, users who become inactive on the forums can lose stars over time if other users surpass their credits.


Q: Is there a way to track my progress towards the next star?

A: Currently there is no way to do this.  Since the star levels are based on the ever-changing amount of users, comments, and posts there are no exact numbers to earning your next star and we do not have a way to track your progress.  Just keep up the comments and you’ll get there!


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