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Unable to Upload Photos

If you are having trouble uploading images, make sure images are:


JPG, JPEG, or GIF. format, and 600 X 600 pixels maximum


When adding pictures to your account, if the business logo or photos are in 'html' format, such as 'jpg.html' you will not be able to add the photo to your account. If you experience difficulty adding a photo to your account, please check the photo's format first, and reformat the picture if necessary.


If your uploaded image looks black, make sure you've saved them properly for the web:

  • Open image in Photoshop (or Illustrator if it was created in Illustrator)
  • Click File >Save for Web & Devices (for older versions of Photoshop/ Illustrator, click File>Save for Web)
  • Save as a .JPG or >GIF


Please use the "Email Us" button below if you are still experiencing issues

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