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How to Read your Traffic Analytics

WeddingWire Traffic Analytics not only provides you with concrete data to track how your WeddingWire Storefront is performing, but also provides metrics for other advertising levels in your category and region so that you can compare the results and track your business growth! As of May 2015, your WeddingWire Storefront traffic in Analytics is reported through Google data services and displays Storefront Visits.


What data are we tracking?

1) Storefront Visits:

  • Cumulative monthly visits to your Storefront
  • Median number of visits to your competitors’ Storefront (cumulative monthly)
  • Storefront visits by device (desktop, tablet, mobile)
  • Includes visits on mobile and WeddingWire Network partner sites

2) Website Clicks:

  • Cumulative monthly clicks from your Storefront to your business website
  • Median number of clicks to your competitors’ websites from their Storefronts (cumulative monthly)
  • Includes clicks from WeddingWire Network partner sites


How to view your data:

Both your ‘Storefront Visits’ and ‘Website Clicks’ graphs can be interpreted the same way.

  • As a Premium member, you can compare your monthly Storefront Visits and Website clicks to the median number received by other similar business’ in your market.
  • The default view is ‘Graph View’ where each advertising level, along with your account’s specific data, is represented as a different color line on the graph. You can click on the corresponding circle below the graph to activate or deactivate that line on the graph.
  • The most recent data (up to 12 months) for your Storefront and Website will be represented so that you can compare month over month.You can opt to view your data in ‘Table View’ and see a cumulative monthly data in table form for easy comparison and analysis.
  • Your Storefront visits by device will show the cumulative monthly visits broken down by device, so that you can see what percent of your traffic comes from which source.
  • You are able to export and download your Traffic Analytics for all region and categories where you are listed.


How to read your traffic analytics for Storefront Visits and Website Clicks:

  • The most recent data (up to 12 months) for your Storefront Visits and Website Clicks will be represented so that you can compare month over month.
  • Each graph shows the cumulative monthly data with a one month lag. This means that on the first of a new month, the previous month’s data will become available.
  • Use your cursor to hover over the data point above each month to see the number of Storefront Visits or Website Clicks received that month. It’s important to note that seasonality affects data for all advertisers, and will be represented visually on these graphs.

What can you do to improve your analytics?

  1. Update your main image: Your Storefront image is the first part of your WeddingWire account that potential clients see, so you want to make it as eye-catching as possible!
  2. Get new reviews: WeddingWire is a website built on reviews, and the number, rating and consistency of reviews on your Storefront will help you stand out from your competition.
  3. Add photo albums to your Storefront: Keep your portfolio current by regularly adding key images of events that you’ve completed!  Showing the range of your work will increase the likelihood of couples clicking to your website to view your full portfolio and, more importantly, your direct contact information!
  4. Use social to drive potential clients to your Storefront: Make sure that you’re reaching customers where they’re already spending time,  social media! 
  5. Boost your Storefront listing: In just three easy steps, you can use the Search Engine Optimizer tool within your account to optimize your Storefront for search engines. Achieving a strong SEO ranking will enable your business to show up more frequently in relevant searches, reach higher placement on search pages and ultimately drive more traffic to your website.
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