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Analytics Overview

Analytics allow WeddingWire members to track storefront, lead, and review activity to then use this information to grow their online presence.

How to view Analytics
The Analytics tool is divided by three different sections; Traffic, Leads, and Reviews. You can toggle between these three sections at the top of the page to see different all the different information displayed.

If you have multiple locations, you can toggle between your different listings at the the top of the page using the 'Select Listing' drop down. 

What is included in the Traffic data?

  • Storefront Visits: Cumulative monthly unique visits to your WeddingWire Storefront
  • Device Type: The device individuals are using to view your WeddingWire Storefront
  • Website Clicks: Cumulative monthly clicks from your WeddingWire Storefront to your business website
  • Comparative Data: Median number of cumulative monthly visits or clicks to your competitor's Storefronts and business website, separated by listing type. 

How do I read the Analytics graph under Traffic?
Both your 'Storefront Visits' and 'Website Clicks' graphs and tables can be interpreted the same way

  • This information is updated monthly and reported through Google data services
  • As a premium member, you can compare your monthly Storefront Visits and Website Clicks to the median number received by other advertisers in your market/region
  • Each advertising level, along with your ad's specific data, is represented as a different color line on the graph. You can click on the corresponding circle below the graph to activate or deactivate that line on the graph.
  • The most recent data (up to 12 months) for your Storefront Visits and Website Clicks will be represented so that you can compare month over month.
  • Each graph shows the cumulative monthly Storefront Visits and Website Clicks to your Storefront, with a one month lag. This means that on the first of a new month, the previous month's data will become available.
  • Use your cursor to hover over the data point above each month to see the number of Storefront Visits or Website Clicks received that month.
  • Please note, Storefront Visits includes visits on mobile and WeddingWire partner sites and 'Website Clicks' includes clicks from just WeddingWire and partner sites.

What is included in the Leads data?

  • Type of Lead: Displays whether your business received a lead from the contact form, appointments, and unique calls
  • Lead data reports weekly from our system
  • Leads from 'Contact Us', Recommendations module and the 'Email This Vendor' link show together as originating from 'WeddingWire'.
  • Other lead sources include; 'WeddingWire Mobile', 'WeddingWire Network', 'EventWire Network', or 'WedTeam App'
  • Lead data also tracks the number of clicks to your business website from your Storefront, as well as how many individuals favorited your Storefront

What is included in the Review Analytics data?

  • The number of reviews your business has received on WeddingWire compared to your competitors
  • You can toggle between a graph view and a table view of this information
  • The number of days since your most recent review was received
  • The number of days since you last requested a review

Can I export this information?
Absolutely! Simply click the 'Export All' link in the top right corner of the dashboard to download a .csv. 

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