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Managing Quick Leads

What is Quick Leads? 

Quick Leads is the newest feature from WeddingWire. This feature is only available to premium vendors and allows you to instantly connect when couples and clients inquire about your services for a particular event date. Through Quick Leads you will be informed about a new lead submitted on your WeddingWire storefront immediately.


How do I enable Quick Leads?
Log in to your vendor WeddingWire account, and hover over the gear icon to select 'Quick Leads'. Select the location you would like Quick Leads to be enabled for using the drop down arrow. Once you select a location, you will be able to enable Quick Leads for that location by selecting a unique WeddingWire number, and adding a mobile number to receive SMS notifications. Once you enter a mobile number, you will receive a confirmation code to enter. Click 'Enable Now' at the bottom of the page once you have received and entered your confirmation code.


Can I remove the Unique WeddingWire phone number from my Storefront? I want my business number to be displayed instead.

Yes, you can remove your Unique WeddingWire phone number that you've been assigned; however, by doing so you will lose all of the great features that are part of Quick Leads. You will no longer receive text and phone notifications for your leads, and you also will not be able to track the phone calls you receive from prospective clients. If you would still like to remove the phone number and deactivate Quick Leads, you may do so within the 'Quick Leads' settings in your WeddingWire account.


I don’t want to receive Quick Leads around the clock. Can I specify the times I want to receive Quick Leads?
This feature is unavailable in this initial version of Quick Leads, but will likely be coming soon.


Why does the phone number shown on my Storefront not match the phone number I added to my profile on WeddingWire?
All premium WeddingWire customers now receive Quick Leads, it is a feature designed to make sure that you never miss a lead again. Your Storefront contact information now includes a Unique WeddingWire number. All phone calls to this Unique WeddingWire number will be forwarded to your preferred phone number to ensure that you can follow up with leads quickly and that you never miss a call. All of the calls made to the unique WeddingWire number will now also be stored in your Leads dashboard, so that you can track all your phone leads!


Will I receive a phone call and an SMS Text Message every time I get a new Quick Lead?
No. You should receive only one or the other. If a prospective client enters their phone number on the lead form, we will call you and give you the option to instantly connect with the client by phone. In this case, a SMS text message will not be sent. If we are unable to reach you by phone, we will send you a SMS text message with the prospective client's contact information so you can follow up with him/her as soon as possible.


Will I be charged for every text message I receive from Quick Leads?
WeddingWire sends Quick Leads text messages for free, however standard SMS rates will apply.


Can I change my Quick Leads Unique WeddingWire phone number?
Yes. You can easily change your Unique WeddingWire phone number in the Quick Leads Settings of your WeddingWire account.


I activated Quick Leads. Why am I not receiving quick connect phone notifications?
Please check to make sure your phone number was inputted correctly in your profile. Also, use a direct line and not a number that requires an extension.


I activated Quick Leads. Why am I not receiving SMS text notifications?
Please check to make sure you have added and verified your mobile number in your Quick Leads Settings section. You will not receive text notifications until you have added and verified a mobile number.


Does this affect my SEO?
No. Quick Leads uses Dynamic Number Insertion to change your Business Phone Number to your Unique WeddingWire Number on your Storefront. This means that Google and other search engines will only see your actual business phone number when they are crawling your Storefront.


Who should I have the phone calls go to?
We suggest having phone calls made to your Unique WeddingWire Number go to the person who typically handles inquiries for your business. These calls will go to whichever number you have listed as your Business Phone Number for your WeddingWire Advertisement.


What if I have multiple locations?
You can enable Quick Leads for each of your business locations, allowing you to select a Unique WeddingWire Phone Number for each location.


Will consumers know that I have Quick Leads?
No. There will be no indication that you have Quick Leads enabled from a consumer perspective. When a consumer submits a lead that includes their phone number, they will not know that WeddingWire has reached out to offer to connect you with them. From the consumer perspective, it will appear that your business is just very good at responding to their request.


Is a consumer able to text my Unique WeddingWire Number?
Yes! If a consumer texts your Unique WeddingWire Number, you will be notified of this text by either email or by text message (if you have provided a mobile number for text notifications).


What if I receive multiple calls from the same person to my Unique WeddingWire Number?
If a consumer calls your Unique WeddingWire Phone on mulitple occasions, all calls will be reported in the Phone Calls section of your WeddingWire Leads Dashboard.


What happens to my Unique WeddingWire Number if I cancel my WeddingWire listing?
Once you cancel your WeddingWire membership, you will immediately lose your Unique WeddingWire phone number.


How are Unique WeddingWire Numbers provisioned?
Unique WeddingWire Numbers are provisioned based on the location and area code of your Business Phone Number. We try our best to provision a number with the same area code as the Business Phone Number you have in your WeddingWire account.

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