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Review a Vendor on EventWire

All reviews regarding a wedding can be submitted directly through WeddingWire. However, if you worked with a vendor for a different type of event you can post a review about their services at that event on EventWire.


To review your vendor on EventWire, please follow the steps below:

  • Go to www.eventwire.com
  • Locate your vendor through the search feature on EventWire
  • Click the 'Write a Review' button
  • Choose the type of event you're reviewing services for, and provide the date
  • Rate your vendor and provide feedback/comments
  • Check the box certifying that the client conducted business with the vendor and click ‘Next’
  • Enter your WeddingWire login information to confirm your identity
  • Click 'Next'
  • When you see the screen that says 'Thanks for submitting your review!' you'll know that you've successfully posted this review to EventWire.com


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