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Log a Payment

To add or edit a line item within a category, please follow the steps below

  • Log in to your WeddingWire account
  • Hover over 'Planning Tools' and select 'Budget'
  • Either click the name of the line item (ex. “Band”) or click “Add item”
  • Write in the description of the item
  • Click the numbers to edit amounts for estimated costs and actual costs.
  • Once you have filled out 'estimated cost' and 'actual cost' you will be able to 'add payment' under the amount paid column

Please note: if you enter an item amount that is lower than the estimate, a popup will appear. Here, you can re-allocate your saved funds either evenly across your entire budget, to a specific area or skip the reallocation altogether. If you choose to move to a specific area, you can choose which categories.

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