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Sending an Email to an Inquiry

To send an email to a new inquiry, follow the steps below:


  • Log in to your WeddingWire account
  • Under 'Clients' select 'Inquiries'
  • From here you can either:
    • 1) Click on the name of the inquiry to view full details
    • 2) Click the arrow to the far right of the inquiry name to view a summary
  • Click either the 'Email this Client' link (from option 1) or the 'Send Email' button (from option 2)
  • You can use a saved template by clicking the 'Use an Email Template' button
    • Choose a template from the pop-up by clicking the bubble next to it
    • Click 'Select Template'
  • Make any necessary edits and customization for this inquiry
  • You can attach up to five files by clicking 'Attach a File'
    • Choose from filed you've uploaded to your WeddingWire account, or click 'Upload New Attachment'
    • Click 'Select Attachment' when you are done
  • You can select 'Save as New Template' if you want to save this email to use later
  • Uncheck 'Send me a copy' if you prefer not to receive a CCed copy of this email
  • Click 'Send Email'
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