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WeddingWire Deals FAQ

Why should I create a deal?
Deals are a great way to  attract new customers and gain additional exposure.  Putting in a deal can help you stand out from your competition by offering a unique benefit to a potential client for booking your services

Where will my deal appear on WeddingWire?
Your deals will always appear on your Storefront’s “Deals” tab for engaged users to see.  

Should taxes/gratuity be included in the deal price?

No, you should add the appropriate taxes/gratuity at the time the deal is redeemed.

When can customers first redeem their vouchers?
Customers can redeem their voucher or promo code immediately.

What if my deal receives too much interest and I need to limit the offer?
We have given you control of your deal by providing the option to limit the number of deals you are willing to offer to our engaged users. Simply fill out the “Deal Limit” field with the desired number of deals you can accommodate. Please keep in mind that you are responsible for tracking this limit as WeddingWire will not monitor or track the number of deals you have sold.

What % does WeddingWire take of the transaction?
None at this time.  Unlike other deal sites, WeddingWire does not take any cut of the transaction at this time.  This is currently a free service that is designed specifically to help you get more exposure for your business.  WeddingWire Advertisers do get preferred placement in the Deals section as well as the email blast if their deal is selected.

What happens if I do not honor my deal?
WeddingWire reserves the right to suspend or ban your account if you do not honor the terms of your deal.  We will be actively polling our engaged couples to ensure that all deals are being honored.

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