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What Does WeddingWire Verify?

WeddingWire works hard to maintain the integrity of our review platform and ensure content published on our site abides by our Terms of Use. We continue to maintain our neutral platform where both past clients of businesses can post their opinions within their reviews for a vendor, just as a vendor can post their perspective of an event or situation within their response.


  • WeddingWire does NOT make judgments on the veracity of opinions or statements made in a review.  Reviews are the sole opinion of the author and content is neither confirmed nor proven incorrect by WeddingWire.  


  • WeddingWire WILL confirm the identity of a reviewer, only as much to verify that they were actual clients of the reviewed vendor. 


We encourage you to review section 13 of our Terms of Use for more information about the scenarios in which WeddingWire would remove a review from our platform.


Also, please be sure to refer to our Review Verification FAQ for detailed information about WeddingWire's verification process.


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