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Review Verification Process

WeddingWire knows that our review system is a very important feature for both vendors and newlyweds. Therefore, we have a system in place, as well as a dedicated team, to screen reviews to ensure reviews abide by our guidelines.  If a review slips past our safety net, please report the material to us to help maintain the integrity of the reviews on our platform.


A review can be reported to WeddingWire for an internal investigation at support@weddingwire.com OR vendors may use the built-in Review Dispute Tool provided in their vendor account to initiate a review dispute.


As a reminder, vendors always have the option to post a public response to the feedback they receive within their WeddingWire account.  


Disputed Review:

Once a review is disputed by a vendor, the following process occurs:

1) The review is temporarily inactivated on the vendor’s public storefront and marked “This review is currently being verified” by the system automatically.


2) WeddingWire team is notified


3) WeddingWire team will reach out to the reviewer within 24-48 hours (during normal business days) with the contact information available in our system to ask for either a signed contract or proof of payment to verify whether or not the reviewer was in fact a client of that vendor.


4) Once contacted, the reviewer has seven (7) days to provide the proof of business before the dispute case is closed.*

4a.  If WeddingWire receives the appropriate documentation, the WeddingWire team will notify the vendor and the reviewer that the review was verified and  will be reinstated in two (2) weeks from the date of the notification.


4b. If WeddingWire does NOT receive the appropriate documentation,  the WeddingWire team will notify the vendor that they were unable to verify the review.  The review will be inactivated and removed from the Vendor Storefront.  For the reviewer, the review will be marked as “This Review could not be verified” in their “My Vendors” Tool.


  • Please be advised that the wedding user has 60 days from the initiation of the dispute case or internal investigation to provide us with documentation to verify their review.  In the case that we do receive documentation from the client at a later date, but within the 60-day window, we will notify you via email that we were able to verify the review and it will therefore will be reinstated.


  • It is important to remember that WeddingWire does not verify content of reviews! With thousands of reviews on our site, it would be impossible to try to confirm or verify every statement. We will, however, ensure reviews on our site are posted by legitimate clients of vendors and that they abide by our Terms of Use.


  • In order to ensure the timeliness of the investigation and this process, we encourage all users to provide valid, current contact information and respond to the WeddingWire team in a timely fashion.


For frequently asked questions regarding our review policy and dispute process, please view the following support article: Review Verification FAQ


Internal Investigation:

Once a review has been reported to the WeddingWire team for an internal investigation, WeddingWire has sole discretion whether or not the reviews flagged our way will be further investigated or not. If we determine that a review meets the criteria to be further investigated, WeddingWire will reach out to the reviewer asking them to send either a signed contract or proof of payment our way to verify whether or not they were a legitimate client of the vendor they published feedback for. The review will remain active on our site during this process.

If we receive the requested documentation from the reviewer, then the review will remain posted. If we do not receive the requested documentation within 7 days, the review will be removed.

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