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Dispute a Review

If you believe a review you've received on your WeddingWire storefront violates our Terms of Use, please follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your WeddingWire account
  • Under 'Reviews' select 'Manage Reviews'
  • Underneath the problem review, click 'Dispute'
  • Read the pop-up that appears and choose the appropriate option and click 'Submit Dispute'

Please note the reasons WeddingWire will consider removing a review:
- I never conducted business with this person
- Contains profane, vulgar, racist, or adult material
- A court ruling has been issued to remove this review
- Contains personally identifiable information such as my full name, address, date of birth
- Is incorrectly tagged with the wrong type of event
- Duplicate of another review

If your dispute does not fall under one of the above reasons, please consider writing a 'Response' to the review instead.

For more information about our review dispute process, please view the following support article: Review Verification Process

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