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Create Videos Within Your Account

As a WeddingWire premium member, you now have the opportunity to create multiple free commercials for your business by utilizing the Video Builder tool! In addition to showcasing your new commercial on your Storefront, the Video Builder makes it easy to share your commercial on Facebook and Twitter, download a copy and post to YouTube, grab the HTML code to embed on your website or blog, or email a copy to potential clients.


To get started:

  • Under the 'Storefront' tab, select 'Video Builder'
  • Click the 'Create New Video' button
  • Select a theme by clicking on 'Select a video type'- you can choose from Commercial, Events, Holidays, Real Weddings, or Seasons
  • Choose up to 25 images from any of your Photo albums by clicking 'Add Photo' underneath the corresponding photos
  • Click and drag your selected photos into the order you want them to be played
  • Click 'Add Soundtrack'
  • Here you can select a song from our library of tunes from several different genres 
  • To preview any of the songs, click the play button to the left
  • After selecting your song, click 'Next: Create Video'
  • Create a title for your commercial video and add text to your commercial in the corresponding text boxes
  • For suggestions of facts to enter, roll your mouse over the question marks within each box 
  • Click 'Create Video'
  • You will be re-directed back to the 'Video Gallery' within your storefront while your commercial is being created. After the commercial is created, you will be able to view it by pressing play.
    • Note: You are able to edit your commercial as many times as you would like. However, every edit will create a new commercial. Be sure not to click 'Publish this Commercial' until you are done editing. Once you have published your commercial, you will no longer be able to edit it.
  • Once you have made any necessary edits, click 'Publish Commercial'


Your commercial will not be displayed on your storefront until you have published it. Commercials may not be deleted once they have been published. However, you may choose to hide the commercial and remove it from your storefront.


  • You can promote your commercial through your Facebook or Twitter accounts by clicking on the corresponding logos
  • To promote your commercial via YouTube, you must first download it by clicking 'Download' to grab the MP4 file. Then upload the file to your YouTube account. 
  • To view your commercial on your storefront, click on the 'Storefront' tab and your commercial will appear under 'Video'


For best results, images:

  • must be JPEG, GIF, TIFF, or PNG format 
  • can be no larger than 10MB in size
  • should not have a resolution below 1280 x 960
  • should be pre-cropped to a landscape or portrait aspect ratio


For more tips please see: http://help.animoto.com/entries/415102-what-size-resolution-format-should-my-images-be

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