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Budget Tool Overview

Using WeddingWire’s Budget Tool, you can set up your wedding budget, track payments and assign payers to stay organized and keep costs in line.


To access the tool, hover over “Planning Tools” then select “Budget”. When you first use the tool, you will be asked for your estimated budget (you can always change this later). This will pre-populate budget line items based on industry averages. On the Budget home page, you will also see your summary, track payments and spending, and view industry averages.


To add or edit a line item:

  • Either click the name of the line item (ex. “Band”) or click “Add Item”
  • Write in the description of the item
  • Click the numbers to edit amounts for estimated costs and actual costs.

Note: if you enter an item amount that is lower than the estimate, a popup will appear allowing you to re-allocate your saved funds either evenly across your entire budget, to a specific area, or skip the reallocation altogether. If you choose to move to a specific area, you can choose which categories.


To log a payment and assign a payer:

  • After you have entered the actual cost of a line item, you can add a payment. Click the “add payment” link under the amount paid column
  • A pop-up box will appear. Click “Add New Payment”.
  • Edit the information as necessary by clicking on the appropriate links (due date, amount due, payer, paid, pay date, type)
  • Enter as many payments as necessary, then click “Close Tracker” to save the information.

Note: Payment reminders will appear in the Payment Reminders section on the right side of the Budget tool


To delete a line item:

Simply hover over the line item you wish to delete and click the trashcan icon that appears on the far right. Please note, this information cannot be restored.


Viewing your Budget:

You can view your budget 'By Category' (default), 'By Payment', or 'By Payer'. To switch views, simply click your preference on the orange tabs in the top right.


Printing, Exporting, Emailing your Budget:

When viewing “By Category,” hover over “More actions” to select from several different options:

• Print Report: This will print your entire budget by your current view (defaulted to By Category)
• Export Report: This will export your budget to Excel. A Pop-up will appear telling you your budget is ready to be downloaded. Click “save” to download and export your budget.
• Email Report: This will email your budget to whomever you select. Simply enter the email address in the pop-up and click “send”
• Charts: This will show you your budget information in a variety of charts to help you visualize your spending
• Reset Budget: This will reset your budget. Please note this will clear all payments, and there is no redo!

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