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Spam Inquiries

Since WeddingWire listings are public, they are, unfortunately, just as susceptible to 'scam' attacks as your Google mail account or our bride forums.
We take scams very seriously at WeddingWire. Scammers look at a number of websites to find potential planners (WeddingWire, search engines, vendor's personal website, etc.).
Please mark the initial inquiry from this person as SPAM. This will help our system recognize that particular scammer address and keep it from targeting other vendors through WeddingWire.  We appreciate your cooperation in this!
To mark an inquiry as 'Spam':
  • Log in to your account
  • Under 'Clients' click 'Inquiries'
  • Click the down arrow icon to the right of the contact
  • Click 'Archive this Inquiry'
  • Choose 'Spam' from the pop up box
  • Click 'Archive
We also encourage our vendor members to never send money or bank account information to unknown users.  It’s better to be extra careful and protect yourself when dealing with these types of 'unknowns’ on the internet!
We appreciate your diligence in this matter!
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