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View and Respond to New Inquiries

How to view new inquiries:
  • Log in to your WeddingWire account
  • Hover over the 'Clients' tab and select 'Inquiries'
    • Inquiries are ordered by date received, so your newest inquiries will be listed at the top of the page
  • Click on the 'contact name' to review the content of the inquiry
  • Schedule an appointment by clicking on the 'Add Appointment' button and choosing from your open time slots
  • Click 'Next' then 'Submit' once you've looked over the information
  • A confirmation email will be sent to the client
How to Respond to an Inquiry:
  • Click the 'contact name' of the inquiry
  • Click the 'Email this Client' button
  • Use the pre-formatted template we've created, write your own message, or choose from your list of templates (by clicking 'Use an Email Template')
  • Once the email is formatted to your liking, click 'Send Email'
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