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Refer an Inquiry to Another Professional

To refer an inquiry to another pro, please follow the steps below:


  • Log in to your WeddingWire account
  • Under 'Clients' select 'Inquiries'
  • Click the name of the appropriate inquiry
  • Click the 'Refer to another Pro' link
  • Choose a pro from the pop-up by clicking the plus sign next to their business name
    • Note: You must be connected to a pro through 'Pros I Know' to refer an inquiry to them
  • Customize the email notification as desired
    • Note: If you selected the wrong pro by accident, at this stage you can click the 'change' link to select the correct pro from your network
  • Read and click the check-box at the bottom of the page agreeing to the following:  
    • 'I understand that this email will be sent to [inquiry's email address] and that [wedding pro email address] will be CC'ed on the email.  I have obtained permission from the contact to share his/her contact information with this Pro.'
  • Click 'Send Email' 
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