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Creating Proposals

Proposals are used to provide potential clients multiple options from which to choose. After you both agree on the best package, they will sign a contract.  You can convert an accepted proposal to a contract with one click. 

To create a new proposal for a potential client, please follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your WeddingWire vendor account
  • Hover over the 'Clients' tab and select 'Inquiries'
  • Click on the individuals's name within the list of your Inquiries that you would like to draft a proposal for
  • Click 'Create' under the New Proposal section
  • Either add a saved package to the proposal or create a completely different proposal within the tool
  • Click 'Save and Continue' when you are finished creating the proposal for that individual
  • Click 'Publish Proposal'
  • Edit the email that accompanies the proposal if you would like
  • Click 'Send Email' at the bottom of the page

Once sent, this individual will receive an email notification that their proposal is ready to be viewed. At that time, the individual can either 'Request a Change' or can 'Accept' the proposal as is.

What happens once the client has accepted the proposal? 

  • You will receive an email notification letting you know this individual accepted your proposal, and it will also display within your 'Inquiries' tab
  • When viewing that client's details within the Clients tool on your WeddingWire account, you will have the opportunity to 'Convert' the inquiry into a Booking
  • To do so, click 'Convert to Contract' which will automatically transition the Proposal into the official Contract

Can I put an expiration date on a proposal?

  • At this time, you can manually expire a proposal within the Clients tool of your account
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