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Video Builder Tool & YouTube

Q: Can I upload the commercial I create with the video builder tool to YouTube?
A: Yes, the commercial you create on WeddingWire with the video builder tool can be successfully uploaded to YouTube.

Q: Will I get in trouble for including songs in my commercial that I don't own the rights to?
A: No, Animoto has the rights to the music they use.  However, you may receive an email from YouTube Content ID system after you post your video letting you know that you have uploaded music that belongs to a provider that has a partnership with them.

Q: What is the YouTube Content ID system?
A:  YouTube uses the Content ID system to identify content on its system in order to compensate artists when it places ads next to videos that include that content. The way that YouTube generates revenue to pay for the service is through advertising on pages where content has been identified (i.e. a 'known' Content ID).  Supporting the Content ID system helps keep YouTube free for everyone. 

Q: Do I need to do anything if I receive this email?  Should I take my video down?
A: No.  Since Animoto has rights to the music they provide, there is no need for you to remove your video.

Q: So bottom line, what does the email mean?
A: The viewing of your video will not be affected in any way.  The email notification you receive from YoutTube is simply letting you know that the music in your video has been identified as one with known Contend ID.  There's nothing you need to worry about or change!

*For more information, please visit the 'Content ID Matches' section of your YouTube account

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