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Submitting Photos to the WeddingWire Photo Gallery

Vendors can automatically submit their photos to WeddingWire by using the tags feature within the 'Storefront' section of their account.  By  tagging your photos, the photos that you "tag" are automatically submitted to WeddingWire and are published within the 'Inspiration' section on WeddingWire.com.

To submit your photos to WeddingWire:

  • Log in to your account
  • Hover over 'Storefront'
  • Click 'Edit Storefront'
  • Scroll down until you see 'Photos'
  • Across from 'Photos' click 'Add/Manage'
  • Click 'edit' under an existing album to add more images to that album, or create a new album by clicking the 'Create New Album' button
  • Click the 'Add Images' link
  • After the picture is added to your account, click 'Tags' directly beneath the photo
  • On the left hand side select the appropriate category for the image (such as 'Cake' for wedding cake)
  • You can add additional tags by selecting 'Colors,' and 'Style'
  • Click the "check box" beside the appropriate tags for your images (i.e. round, ivory, Cake)
  • Click 'Save Tags' when finished

When tagging photos please note that you can update descriptions which will be published with the photos. After you have added a photo to your account, click 'edit' beneath the photo to update the description.  Click 'Save Tags' when finished.

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