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Forwarding Wedding Website to a Purchased Custom Domain

1. In order to forward your custom domain you must also have a unique WeddingWire specific URL set. To add a unique WeddingWire URL to your site please follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your WeddingWire account
  • Under 'Planning Tools', select 'Wedding Website'
  • Next to 'Website Snapshot' click 'Edit Website'
  • Above your list of pages click 'Set a unique URL to share >>'
  • Enter your unique WeddingWire URL beside http://www.weddingwire.com/
  • Click 'Save Changes'

2. If you have purchased your custom domain through WeddingWire please follow the steps below to forward your purchased domain to your WeddingWire website through our secure GoDaddy site!

  • Log in to your Account Manager at https://www.secureserver.net/support/support.aspx?ci=1629&tab=3&prog_id=WeddingWire
  • Next to Domains, click 'Manage'
  • Select the domain names you want to forward
    • NOTE: You cannot forward or mask .tk domain names.
  • Click 'Forward' on the toolbar
  • Then select 'Forwarding Domains'
  • Click 'Add Forwarding'
  • Select http:// or https:// as your Forward to option
  • Enter the URL you want to forward your domain name to (ie. weddingwire.com/YourURL)
  • Select your Redirect type - please choose "301 (Permanent)"
  • Select your Forward settings - please choose "Forward only"
  • Deselect the option to automatically update your nameservers to accommodate your forwarding changes
  • Click 'Add'
  • Click 'Save'
    • Please note it may take 10 minutes to process this update and enable forwarding

If you have any difficulty please contact the support team which manages WeddingWire domains powered by GoDaddy at 480-624-2500 or support@secureserver.net.


3. If you have purchased your domain through a different provider, your domain provider should have a setting which they can enable to forward your personal custom domain to your WeddingWire wedding website.

Things to remember:

  • WeddingWire does not offer Domain Name Servers (DNS); you will have to forward your website to the custom URL you created on WeddingWire. Please see your Domain Provider's support center for detailed instructions.
  • The WeddingWire system does not support masking. When your guests access the URL that you purchased, they will be correctly redirected to your wedding website, but the WeddingWire URL will not be hidden. 
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