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WeddingWire Community Lingo


Here's a glossary of commonly-used terms and acronyms in the WeddingWire Forums:
BAB: back & bachelorette/bachelor partied
BAM: back & married
BAS: back & showered
BIL: brother in-law
BM: bridesmaid, best man
BR: baby-related
b-pics: boudoir pictures
bump: to send a thread to the top of the forum
CF: confession friday
DIY: do it yourself
DH: dear husband
DMV: DC, Maryland, Virginia
DOC: day-of coordinator
DS: darling spouse
DW: destination wedding, dear wife

e-pics: engagement pictures
ETA: edit to add
FFS: for f***s sake
FG: flower girl
FH: future husband
FI: future intended / fiance
FFIL: future father in-law
FIL: father in-law
FILs: future in-laws
FMIL: future mother in-law
FOB: father of the bride
FOG: father of the groom
FS: future spouse
FW: future wife

GM: groomsman

KWR: kinda wedding-related

IMHO: in my honest opinion
IMO: In my opinion
MIL: mother in law
MOB: mother of the bride
MOG: mother of the groom
MOH: maid of honor
MUA: make-up artist
NSFW: not safe for work
NWR: not wedding related

OOT: out of town guests
OP: original poster
PP: previous poster(s)
PSA: public service announcement

RB: ring bearer
RD: rehearsal dinner
SIL: sister in-law
STD: save the date
TOT: talk o tuesday
TTC: trying to conceive
TTD: trash the dress
WW: WeddingWire

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