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HTML on Vendor Storefront

After extensive research on the impact of custom About Us HTML, we determined additional style elements had no impact on the success or performance of a vendor Storefront. Therefore in order to preserve the best usability for all users, this functionality was removed. 

We disabled this feature in order to preserve the best experience for WeddingWire users on desktop and mobile. Based on user testing results, additional formatting and photos detracts from the user experience. This update will help users focus on the information, photos and reviews in your account. 

Therefore, there is no longer the option for vendors to add any custom HTML to their storefront. However, there are options within the editor to change the look of their About Us content, such as:

  • Change font
  • Change text size
  • Change font color
  • Insert images
  • Add bullets
  • Center, right align, and left align text
  • Add bold, italic, or underline font styling
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