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How to read your Leads Analytics

WeddingWire Leads Analytics not only tracks the number of your WeddingWire leads in one place, but displays which traffic sources your leads are coming from so that you can see which performs best for your account.


What data are we tracking?

Leads Analytics:

  • Cumulative monthly leads to your Storefront, updated on a weekly basis. A lead is defined as when a visitor to your Storefront reaches out to inquire about your product or service.
  • Which traffic source your leads are coming from, such as the Contact Form, scheduling an appointment, and calling your Unique WeddingWire Number (if QuickLeads in enabled) or clicks to call while visiting your Storefront on a mobile device.
  • Includes leads from mobile and WeddingWire Network partner sites


How to view your data:

  • As a Premium member, you can see your total number of leads and compare the traffic source your leads are coming from.
  • The default graph view is ‘Since Upgraded’ which shows your account’s specific lead data from the time you’ve been a premium member. Each source is represented as a different color line on the graph. You can click on the corresponding circle below the graph to activate or deactivate that line on the graph.
  • You can also opt to view your data as ‘Last 12 Months’ to see how your leads compare month over month for the last 12 months.
  • Below the graph, you can click into each source to view additional details (including contact name, event date, date received, etc.)
  • You are able to export and download your Leads Analytics.


How to read your leads analytics:

  • The most recent data (up to 12 months) for your Leads will be represented so that you can compare month over month.
  • Each graph shows the cumulative monthly data with a one week lag. This means that at the beginning of each week, the previous week’s data will become available.
  • Use your cursor to hover over the data point above each month to see the number of Leads received that month.
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