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How Region Locations are Decided

You are placed as a vendor into a "region" on WeddingWire that may not necessarily be named after your specific city. 'Regions' on WeddingWire generally cover a 50 mile radius from the center of a major metro city (Washington, DC, Dallas, Los Angeles, etc.). Sometimes the area is a bit wider, sometimes not. For example, if your business was in Bethesda, MD, you would be placed in what WeddingWire calls the 'DC Metro Region' in the vendor catalog.

Although some of the cities in your region may seem far from you, this does not affect a bride’s ability to find your business on WeddingWire. If a bride types your city and state, or even your zip code into our vendor catalog, your business listing still appears. If you receive an inquiry that is not in your service area, feel free to go ahead and decline that inquiry. Please keep in mind that an engaged couple chooses the distance from which she is comfortable choosing a vendor.

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